Provo, Utah, United States Full-time

Wavetronix, the global leader in radar based vehicle detection technologies, is seeking a full-time Recruiter to join our talented HR team. Primary tasks include recruiting top talent to be added to the Wavetronix team and coordinating the recruiting and hiring process. The right individual for this role will build trust with coworkers, understand their goals and vision, communicate effectively, and capably move projects forward. This person will have a strong technical aptitude as well as an ability to work seamlessly with those in various departments throughout the company to achieve desired results.  

A successful Recruiter will accomplish the following:

First 90 Days

  • Complete Lou Adler recruiting training
  • Master the company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Source and recruit top talent for open requisitions as assigned
  • Screen resumes and conduct telephone screening interviews
  • Assist other recruiting teams in their efforts to secure candidates
  • Successfully coordinate with those involved in the recruiting and hiring processes
  • Manage paperwork and other administrative matters related to recruiting and hiring
  • Enthusiastically participate in personal development training

Within 1 year

  • Certify as a Lou Adler Recruiter
  • Manage the performance-based interview and evidence-based assessment processes
  • Train identified individuals in the company on recruiting techniques, including conducting performance-based interviews
  • Source and recruit top talent to add to the Wavetronix team, especially positions that are part of the company’s long-term strategy.
  • Become fully invested in the recruiting process and coordinate with various departments and teams to implement improvements to sourcing and recruiting strategies and processes
  • Continually work to improve and document Wavetronix’ recruiting and hiring processes

Beyond Year 1

  • Become a driver of the company’s recruiting and hiring processes
  • Become a critical member of the company’s Recruiting and HR teams
  • Constantly improve the company’s recruiting efforts to secure and retain top talent
  • Actively participate in continuous process improvement


Desired competencies include:

  • People First: great recruiters are focused on getting things done and solving hard problems rather than any drama that may be swirling around. They are naturally drawn to mentoring and teaching others, proactively collaborating with a small team, and adding energy to team efforts
  • Growth Mindset: successful recruiters constantly learn both formally and informally, have a personal expectation of constant improvement
  • Innovation Driven: great recruiters appreciate the need to improve the way we recruit and hire at Wavetronix, and focus on bringing great people into the company, improving our culture through the people we hire
  • Work Ethic: the best recruiters are results driven, they have high standards for personal and team results, work is personally rewarding and pushes them to go above and beyond
  • Communication Skills: our team members exhibit a high level of communication including the ability to speak and write clearly, actively listen, show openness and respect towards others
  • Social Skills: as a member of the HR team, our recruiters enjoy being with people, exhibit humility and empathy, work at emotional management, and actively seek to build trust

About Wavetronix

Wavetronix’ purpose is to enable rewarding careers and foster personal development. Today, we meet that purpose by creating innovative technologies that make the world’s roads safer and more efficient. Our core values include putting people first and embracing a growth mindset. We lead with insight and innovation; seek out, embrace, and solve difficult challenges; and strive to change the way our customers approach their problems. As a result, we have enjoyed strong growth over the last 16 years. We continue to invest in long-term growth, creating even more opportunities. We work in teams, so we look for people who are humble, hungry and smart (you might want to ask us what that means).

If you share our values and have the education and experience to help us create the most talented work force in the traffic industry, we encourage you to apply.